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Natural Park  is the crater of Merapi Unggup-Unggup have been assigned by the Minister of Agriculture No. 1017 / Kpts / um / 12/1981 dated December 10, 1981 with the intent to protecting and utilizing beauty of nature (natural phenomena) in the form of Crater Lake and Active Sulfatara .

In the area of ​​this active Sulfatara natural sulfur vapor generated continuously and sublimation formed solid sulfur. Such conditions, if left unchecked and managed properly will cause solids concentration of sulfur crystals will eventually clog the holes sulfatara. The greater the gas pressure sulfatara who can not get out again will cause ripples and toxic gases. At higher concentration where caldera shut the greater the danger burst will occur.

However, since 1954, people around the Nature Park crater has started activities taking sulfur to be sold in the market. Seeing the many uses of sulfur to sulfuric acid industry, the sugar industry, cosmetics, rattan, paper, zinc, soap and others, starting in 1969 stood PT. Temple Ngrimbi under the auspices VIII Brawijaya Regional Military engaged in mining at the scene Natural Park in the midst of nature reserves in the area of ​​nature conservation. Sulfur mining activities carried out by the utilization of natural gas sublimation through pipes that have been provided in order to collect the smoke sulfatara into liquid sulfur until finally shaped prongkalan. Prongkalan sulfur will later be processed into sulfur flake / plate and sulfur granular / pellet.


The production capacity of sulfur per day while as much as 14 tons. Total production of sulfur in 1 (one) year, approximately 5,000 tons. Prongkalan sulfur production in the form of further processed into a form flake / flake and granular / pellet.