Potential of Sulfur in Indonesia

Very large potential of sulfur owned Indonesia. Indonesia holds the abundant natural resources potential, especially its mineral resources. Sulfur is one of Indonesia’s most abundant mineral resources. Sulfur is formed as a result of volcanic activity, so it is found in every active volcano, and Indonesia still has many active volcanoes.

According to Sumarti (2010), until now only 6 provinces in Indonesia are known to store sulfur mine, namely:

  • West Java: Mount Tangkuban Perahu, Danau Putri, Galunggung, Ceremai, Danau bodas
  • Central Java: Dieng Mountain
  • East Java: Mount Arjuno, Welirang Mountain, Mount Ijen.
  • North Sumatra: Namora Mountain
  • North Sulawesi: Mount Mahawu, Soputan, and Mount Sorek Merapi
  • Maluku: Damar Island

Of the total amount of sulfur produced, about 70-85% is used for the manufacture of sulfuric acid. While sulfuric acid is widely used for fertilizer industry (37%), chemical industry (18%), color industry (8%), pulp and paper (7%), steel, synthetic fiber, petroleum and others.


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