Sulfur Production Process

According to Juliantara (2013), sulfur taking itself has several processes, depending on the source of the sulfur itself. Here are some ways to get sulfur, among others:

  1. Frasch Process
    The sulfur obtained from this process is carried out by melting the sulfur under the soil / sea with hot water, then pumping it onto the earth’s surface. In this process used 3 pieces of concentric pipe 6 ‘, 3’, and 1 ‘. Hot water with temperature of 3250C is pumped into sulfur rock through the 6 ‘section of the pipe, so the sulfur will melt (2350F). The heavier sulfur melt from the water enters the bottom between the 3 ‘and 1’ pipes, and with the air pressure pumped through pipe 1 ‘, water mixed with sulfur will rise upward as crude S, then processed into crude bright or Refined S.
  2. Sulfur picking from sulfide / sulphate rock
    Sulfur can be obtained by taking from sulphide rocks such as FeS2 pyrite, chalcopyrite CuFeS2, coveline CuS, galena PbS, Zn Blende ZnS, CaSO4 cast, BaSO4 barire, anglesite PbSO4, and others.
  3. Taking from the volcano
    Sulfur deposits in volcanoes may be rock, sediment mud or sublimation mud, levels are not very high (30-60%) and the number is not so much (600-1000 million tons). Utilization of sulfur in this way required an increase in sulfur content first by flotation and benefication. Flotation way is by adding water and frother which will make sulfur afloat and can be separated. The benefication method is more complicated than flotation ie initially sulfur is added with water and reagents, then reagents are heated in autoclave for 1 / 2-3 / 4 hours at 3 atm pressure. Later each small particle of sulfur will be collected, then washed with water to remove the soil. After that it is reheated in the autoclave so that the sulfur will be separated as the S layer with levels of 80-90%.
  4. Sulfur removal from flue gas
    It is undeniable that Indonesia currently has a growing number of industries. The more the industry, the more processing plants and certainly more and more exhaust gas produced. Sulfur is one of the elements that can be obtained from the flue gas. Sulfur is obtained from flue gas from coal combustion or petroleum refining. This sulfur should not be discharged directly into the air as it may cause contamination. Therefore, the exhaust gas must first be absorbed by using ethanolamine and so on, then heated back to get the gas and then processed further.